Our Instructors


Dylan Whyte-

IBJJF Certified  Black Belt-




Dylan received his black belt from Bruno "Tank" Mendes in July 2019. Dylan began his Jiu Jitsu career in 2010.He trained briefly in Tallahassee Florida before moving to Atlanta for school. While in Atlanta, he was fortunate to train under Master Romero Jacare Cavalcanti, Rubens Charles Maciel (Cobrinha) and Lucas Lepri. After school, Dylan Returned to Tallahassee briefly before following his dream to Orlando Florida, where he moved to train with 10 times IBJJF World Champion Bruno Malfacine. During his time with Professor Malfacine, Dylan’s game underwent a very rapid period of growth. Along the way, Dylan developed a relationship with the Soul Fighters team, which he currently represents. After so much training under world class instructors, Dylan has returned to Tallahassee to open his dream academy and follow in their footsteps. He has represented the Soul Fighters BJJ team since 2017. Dylan is a two time UAE Jiu Jitsu National Pro Champion, having won at purple and brown belt. He is the owner and founder of the Academy. He has won multiple IBJJF Open Medals at Brown Belt, and won the Adult Black Belt division at Grappling Industries Tampa in 2018. He is undefeated in Gi Superfights for Fight to Win Pro and Submission Hunters Organizations. Dylan is available for private lessons and seminars.

First Degree Jim Whyte.jpg

James Whyte-

IBJJF Certified 1st Degree Black Belt-


Professor Whyte is a life long martial artist. His martial arts career spanned much of his 22-year military career. Professor Whyte was a United States Marine for 2 enlistments prior to being selected for a commissioning program. After college, he was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy Nurse Corps. Professor Whyte went on to retire from the Navy and enter life as an academic at the Florida State University.


He is currently a full Professor at the FSU College of Nursing. Dr. Whyte is a certified Family and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. He is a highly experienced clinician with a special interest in sports medicine and pediatrics. In particular, he is skilled in working with special needs children.


After completing military service and an extensive education including two doctorates, Professor Whyte longed for the grappling days of his childhood. He was drawn to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jim has won the Master’s World and Pan American Championships at Blue-Purple and Brown, and has won a variety of IBJJF open tournaments at the Black Belt masters level. He continues to compete actively, primarily in the IBJJF. Jim received his first degree on his black belt from Bruno "Tanke" Mendes. Jim currently holds a Brown Belt in Judo under his Sensei, Shawn Wright.


Christian Yost -

Black Belt-


Christian Yost It is our newest instructor. Christian began his jujitsu career in his teen years with his brother Alex Lane under Tim Credeur. He went on to serve honorably in the United States Air Force, which stationed him on Florida’s gulf coast. Over the years Christian has been an avid competitor winning a number of a IBJJF titles on the open tournament seen, Including the New Orleans and Birmingham IBJJF Open 2020. Christian was recently promoted to black belt by his professor Daniel Silva of Capitao Jiu Jitsu in Fort Walton Beach.  Christian will be in Tallahassee for 15 months while his wife completes the  pre-clinical portion of her physician assistant training.


Evan Noah Whyte-

Brown Belt-


Evan began training Jiu Jitsu, initially due to his experiences with bullying, at age 12. He is currently a Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu under his father, Jim Whyte, a rank he achieved after 9 years of training. Evan is skilled in teaching both adults and children. As a child, Evan won a variety of tournaments ranging from Yellow to green belt. Evan has won IBJJF Open tournaments at Juvenile Blue Belt, Adult Blue Belt and Purple Belt. He won the Silver Medal as a Brown Belt at the most recent IBJJF Atlanta Open. He has a very aggressive submission oriented style. Evan is a Critical Care Registered Nurse at the Vogter Neurological ICU at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.


Mrs  Whyte  is the "Mom" at Positive Balance.  Head Professor Dylan's mother, Professor Jim's Wife, and Instructor Evan's mother. She started BJJ to help with weight loss, health and self defense.  She continues to train almost daily and assists with the "Littles" during the children classes.   She loves the art of Jiu Jitsu and enjoys facilitating  the growth of children and women in BJJ. 

Maria Whyte-
Purple Belt-
Children's Instructor
Erica Andreson 
Blue Belt-
Children's Instructor

Erica "Bam-Bam" is our first teen to obtain her Blue Belt at the Academy.  She is a student and Florida High.  She has been assisting with the  "Littles" for several years and is now an active member of our staff.