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End of Year Rankings

We love all of our students whether they choose to compete outside the school or not. Our black belts Dylan and Jim view competition as a means of sharpening and validating their skills. You would not want the care of a doctor who does not regularly practice in the real world, they step on the national competition mats to improve and bring new ideas back to the school. Jim often says every competition adds a new skill. While they may not always win, they show up and give it their best. The IBJJF competition year is finished.

JIm Receiving his first Degree from Tank

Jim finished 15th in Black Belt Master-5 among all competitors and is the 7th rated American.

Dylan has been a black belt since July 2019. He began un-ranked and has climbed to 431/1571 Adult Black Belt competitors. Lots of work to do, but among the top 27% of adult Black Belts in our sport. These are great accomplishments. This is what they are doing, the few days a month they don't teach. We may be the new kids on the block, but we encourage you to compare our rankings to those of the other Black Belts in the area.

Female GI Competitors

Naomi Balingcongan Adult White

Shelly Lopez Adult White

Kristin Macias Masters 2 White

Danielle Snipes Adult Blue

Austin Ard Adult Blue

Erica Eckland Adult Blue

Whitley Maloy Adult Blue

Male GI Competitors

Dylan Whyte Adult Black

Jim Whyte Masters 4 & 5 Black

Josh Harper Masters 1 Brown

Evan Whyte Adult Brown

Anthony Manuel Adult Blue

Chase Tyndall Masters 1 Blue

Mike Green Masters 1 Blue

Tyler Bannister Masters 1 Blue

Shawn Wright Adult & Masters 1 Purple

Greg Pitt Masters 2 Purple

Peter Fisher Adult White

Abraham Hall Masters 1 White

Charles Carven Masters 1 White

Rob Pryor Masters 1 White

Josh Poole Masters 1 White

Justin Kuhns Masters 2 White

Christopher Bradley Masters 2 White


Anthony Manuel Adult Blue

Mike Green Masters 1 Blue


I don't see rankings for our Juvenile IBJJ competitors. And I promise to do better documenting our Non IBJJF competitions in 2020. I have more Picture than Names.

But from memory

Jessie Cooper

Tommy Chris

Logan Jaden

Charlie Stella

Jude Kealon

Henda Hasaun

Cacha Aaron

Dominic Hadley

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