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Positive Changes

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

We have been working hard to modify our programs and space to cater to our clientele. Beginning on next Monday 20 May 2019, we will begin a new schedule of classes. PLEASE look it over, there are MANY changes.

First, our kids and kickboxing/striking programs used to begin at 5 PM. With so many state workers many families struggled to make it, and our classes generally started about 10 minutes late. Towards that end, these classes will begin at 530 to allow more families to participate while navigating the traffic.

Our kickboxing striking program is greatly expanded with the addition of our additional room. We now have 2500 sq feet of mat space. This allows us to hold kids classes at the same time as kickboxing/striking with coach JC. It also enables our students to train striking and then jiu jitsu and be done by 730 PM.

There are other changes that you will see in the schedule, and we will update throughout the week to prevent too much confusion. Change is always hard, but these changes should allow everyone to enjoy their training and progress even more quickly.

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